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Education & Work

  • Chairman National Fiscal Consultation Convention Commission 1996;

  • Assistent of Professor Van Raad (internationaal tax law) 1995-1996;

  • Masters Direct Taxation, University Leiden 2000;

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers as VAT and Real Estate Transfer Tax specialist 2000-2006;

  • Education Tax consultant -  Dutch Order of Tax Advisors 2002-2005;

  • Tax Business School with the University of Nyenrode 2005-2006;

  • BDO as VAT and Real Estate Transfer Tax specialist 2006-2008.

  • ANWB interim VAT manager 2008-2009;

  • BTW Professionals 2008-2010;

  • Nijlandtax 2010-today – administration, yearly reports and taxes; and

  • Ideagents 2009-2020 – as a consultant involved with a number of start-ups.

Matijs A. Nijland LLM has developed himself as a tax advisor specialized especially in small and medium business and the private tax and financial affaires of its owners. The rules and regulations regarding administration, reporting and taxes are extremely extensive. We would like to be the central assistant, manager and/or executor of your finance and tax strategy and we will cary out a lot of the work.

However, there are situations that require a specific expertise and in that respect, we are able to connect you to dedicated top experts as the situation may require.

Furthermore, we provide competitive solutions regarding your administration and reporting.


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