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Would you like to discuss your taxes?

COULD MY 3 Moraccan associates from the Hague please contact me DUTCH or Moslim or something.


Why Nijlandtax?

Nijlandtax, established in The Hague, is an initiative of Matijs A. Nijland LLM. We are focused on private individuals, small and middle market business. We are educated, experienced, results orientated and efficient. We are also well insured.

We guarantee to minimize your tax burden within the possibilities of all the tax regulations.

We provide custom services. We have clients that want to be informed in detail and others just want us to take care of their administration, yearly reporting and tax matters well.

Regarding price, we are much cheaper than the big firms, but we are more expensive than price fighters. Since quality assurance is important to us and clients require specific knowledge and understanding. Therefore, we believe that the quality of service is under pressure with price fighters.

Our approach is practical and scientific. We are social and care about our customers. Were experienced and we go for the win!



  • Online

  • Full outsourcing possible

  • Custom solutions possible

  • 24/7 access

  • e-invoicing

  • e-invoice recognition


  • Commercial and fiscal non-audited reports

  • Commercial and fiscal audited reports;

  • Analysis of reports


  • Income Tax

  • Corporate Income Tax

  • VAT

  • Wage Tax

  • Inheritance Taxes

  • Real-Estate Transfer Tax

  • Customs

  • Excise duties

  • Other taxes


  • advise

  • procedures

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