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Tax lawyer for the private individual and small business...

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You reached the website of Matijs A. Nijland MSc

I am a dedicated tax lawyer that truly understands his profession. I have only very satisfied cliënts.

Tax Lawyer in The Hague for the private individual and small business


Matijs A. Nijland MSc has been active as a tax lawyer for more than 30 years in The Hague for private individuals and small business.

What is a tax lawyer?

A tax lawyer studied tax law at the University. Myself, I studied with a lot of pleasure at the University of Leiden. After my study I went to work for large accounting firms, namely PwC and BDO. I learned to work independently and came in touch with the many aspects of being a tax lawyer. I followed the post doctorate education at the Dutch Order of Tax Lawyers and Tax Business School at the University of Nyenrode.

A tax lawyer is able to help clients with tax questions that are facing them as private individuals and business. In this respect you should think of:

  • Taking care of tax returns;

  • Advising of tax technical questions;

  • Bookkeeping issues;

  • Reaching an agreement with the tax authorities regarding specific issues; and

  • Procedures against the tax authorities.

In 2009 I established myself as a tax lawyer in The Hague, with a focus on private individuals and small business

What can you expect from Nijlandtax?

At Nijlandtax you can expect to be professionally helped with you tax questions and bookkeeping. That means that I’m familiar with the relevant court cases, laws and international treaties. You can trust that you will be helped right in a professional manner when you do business with us.

Why Nijlandtax as a tax lawyer in The Hague

Nijlandtax is specialized in private individuals and small business. You can rest assure that you will be helped in a professional matter.

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