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  • Educated in tax law and tax advice;

  • Experience in the top of the market;

  • Experience in the middle market;

  • Experience in the small business market;

  • Experience with private individuals;

  • Excellent relationship with the Dutch Tax Authorities;

  • Large network of experts; and

  • Focus on solutions.

Mr. Matijs A. Nijland

matijs nijland

Why Nijlandtax?

At Nijlandtax, in The Hague, you never pay more taxes than necessary. I listen very carefully to your question(s) and come up with the best solution. This may mean that I propose to collaborate with more specialized tax experts in specific topics. Because I work from home, my office costs are very low and this translates to very good rates for my customers.

Many satisfied customers preceded you and I already have 23 years of experience as a tax lawyer in The Hague. Be pleasantly surprised by my intelligent solutions.

What my clients have to say...

Very knowledgeable and trustworthy discussion partner. Not only does he understand his trade, he has a very motivating and empathetic personality. He helps me well in a number of areas.

Rian de Kok

Professional and dedicated

Mathijs Beijer

Nijland Tax provides good legal advice in all kinds of legal areas. The lawyer is originally a tax specialist, but is very analytical to solve multiple issues. His problem-solving skills are surprising and challenging. He is an expert in his field, in short, a true professional who has mastered the legal profession at one of the largest national groups.

Isabelle Vanderzalm

A very helpful professional who finally solved the tax problems that my partner and I had been struggling with for years. Glad to have met him! Enjoyed working with Matijs.

Woong Shin

animation around tax

"I love providing
the best solutions!"

Anker 1


  • What is a tax lawyer and what is their job?
    A tax lawyer studied tax law at a University. The education program consists of gaining a broad understanding of the law in the first few years of the study. Within the last few years there is a focus on studying different tax laws. A tax lawyer has comprehensive knowledge of national and international tax law. ​ A tax lawyer is able to help clients with tax questions that are facing them. In this respect you should think of: ​ Registration of companies & non-profit organizations; Taking care of tax returns; Advising on tax technical issues; Advising on bookkeeping issues; Reaching an agreement with the tax authorities regarding specific issues (rulings); and Discussions with and procedures against the Tax Authorities. ​
  • What does a tax lawyer cost?
    In general the costs of a tax lawyer's services are calculated per hour that is worked on an individual case. The hourly rate that an individual tax lawyer charges is dependable on the experience of the tax lawyer and in which market the work is carried out. Most often tax lawyers charge an hourly rate between 120-250 euro's per hour. However, experienced tax lawyers at large firms will charge you more than these amounts. Mr. Matijs A. Nijland charges 175 euro's per hour for his services. However, in individual cases often a fee quote estimate is provided, so that the cliënt knows beforehand what the cost of the assignment will be. For larger projects a lower average hourly rate may be agreed upon.
  • Why work with a tax lawyer?
    Private individuals, non-profit organizations and business face Government levied taxes. Regularly, it is not so clear how an individual tax law or regulation should be interpreted or there is a discussion regarding an interpretation with the Tax Authorities. In order to interpret a specific situation a number of legal sources are applicable. For example, the law, regulations, tax treaties, EU law and Court decisions. A tax lawyer is specialized in how to deal with legal tax questions. The outcome of an analysis is that the cliënt is advised on the best steps to take in order to gain a desired outcome.
  • Why hire a tax lawyer from a small firm?
    At large firms the work is carried out by assistants, consultants, managers and partners. This is an inefficient way to provide tax services, because the same work is carried out a number times by different people. At a small firm, like Nijlandtax, you deal directly with an experienced expert tax lawyer. That saves a lot of money. The hourly rate that I charge is also much more agreeable, than the hourly rates that are charged at large firms.
  • What is the difference between a tax lawyer and an accountant?
    The figures, such as profit and turn-over are the core of the work carried out by accountants. The work of accountants is essentially focused around the creation and auditing of the yearly report and its figures. Furthermore, accountants in The Netherlands also have a lot of tax knowledge and are able to assist organizations and business with their taxes. However, in specific situations an accountant is not able to provide an answer to a tax question. The answer to a tax situation maybe unclear or unknown. Then, in general, it are tax lawyers that carry out the work in order to examine the situation utilizing all legal sources that are available. Tax lawyers are specifically trained to answer more difficult tax questions.
  • Who can call themselves a tax lawyer?
    A tax lawyer has a tax law degree from a University and generally also post-doctorate education. Only, if you studied tax law at a University, are you allowed to call yourself a tax lawyer.
  • How does a tax lawyer carry out his or her work?
    The work carried out by a tax lawyer may be very comprehensive and detailed. That means that it is first of all it is very important to carefully listen to the situation that the client is experiencing and their tax question(s). Listening to the story of the client, an experienced tax lawyer, will often quickly have a general or more specific idea about how to provide an answer to the tax question(s) facing the cliënt. Once the question(s) are clear and formulated, the tax lawyer will utilize different legal sources to work on an answer of the tax question(s). The tax law is analysed, as well as legal decisions, what other professionals have written about the subject etc. Analysing a combination of legal sources, the tax lawyer formulates the right answer and strategy to solving the tax question(s). Often a tax advice is written, an appeal, a memo etc. The document is carefully written, because a nuance will result in a different outcome. The document is shared and discussed with the cliënt.
  • Is a tax lawyer liable for the work carried out?
    Yes, a tax lawyer is liable for any tax advice given and the quality of the work that he or she carries out.


Carel Reinierszkade 233 

2593 HR Den Haag

+31(0)6212 95 460

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