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Are You Looking For an Experienced Bookkeeper and Tax Lawyer in The Hague?

Nijlandtax provides efficient and professional bookkeeping and tax services in the The Hague. I am especially specialized in income tax, VAT and corporate income tax. For other taxes, I regularly work with specialized experts. Choose Nijlandtax as your professional service provider...

Many years of experience in local and international bookkeeping and tax matters

At Nijlandtax in The Hague you never pay more tax than necessary. I listen very carefully to your question(s) and come up with the best solutions. This may mean that I propose to collaborate with more specialized tax experts on specific topics.


Because I work from home, my office costs are very low and this translates into very good rates for my clients. Many satisfied customers preceded you and I have 23 years of experience as a tax lawyer in The Hague. Be pleasantly surprised by my efficient custom solutions.

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We Provide Professional Services



We provide expert and very efficient bookkeeping services.



Together with my network of experts, we provide excellent tax services.


Social Security

We provide excellent social security services.

We provide high quality solutions?

How does Nijlandtax carry out the work?

The first step in carrying out our bookkeeping and tax work is to listen very carefully to you as a client and ask all relevant bookkeeping and tax questions. As soon as the facts are clear, because of my extensive experience, I often immediately know what the best advice is that suits your situation or how to prepare and submit your tax return. If a tax situation is not immediately clear, I will investigate the correct answer and give you clear advice or prepare the relevant tax return for you. Regarding, your bookkeeping needs, I will provide a custom solution for you that is very efficient.

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Be pleasantly surpised by our outstanding services

Tax is exciting with Nijlandtax- our enthusiasm, your benefit...


Our communication in both Dutch and English.


Nijlandtax is a professional bookkeeping andtax service provider, so we provide bookkeeping services, tax returns and provide advice. Being experienced and good at what we do, we are excellent in all of our services.


NIjlandtax is commited to providing services to our clients of the highest quality and make sure that we give the best services to our clients.


Our fees can be found  on this website and there are no hidden fees, no additional charges you do not expect.

What Our Customer Says.....

Becky Makoes

Matijs is a super helpful, approachable, knowledgeable tax lawyer. I had a tax issue that I had been trying to resolve on my own for many months, and after I contacted Matijs he resolved it in one day. Highly recommend him to anyone needing support with tax issues.

Woong Shin

A very helpful professional that finally resolved the tax issues my partner and I have been experiencing for years. Glad to have met him! Pleasure working with Matijs.

Rian de Kok

Very knowledgeable and reliable sparring partner. In addition to his professional knowledge, he has a very motivating and empathetic personality. He has helped me a lot in various areas.

Do you have questions about our bookkeeping or tax services?

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your personal situation


Carel Reinierszkade 233 

2593 HR Den Haag



Opening Hours

Monday - Friday : 9.00 - 17.00

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